Turkish delight?

Inspired by the Turkish ritual by pouring tea from up high. I experimented with the nozzle and created several coffeepots…no need to say that pouring with these in a cup is well worth a competition…better save it as an art piece!

rechte turksekoffiepotFrom raw pieces to fully hand painted coffeepot, was a big step: Inspired by old Turkish porcelain I used the motives to connect old with new. It took me about 40 hours to paint it in an old Turkish technique, using underglaze for the color-drawings and a transparant overglaze.


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  1. O wow, you have painted them yourself. Would love to paint Delftblue on porcelain as well. Where did you do this?

    1. Thank you Mieke, I made these ones in my own atelier. The color ‘Delft blue’ is a special recipy, you can’t buy it in store. The colors I used are close to Delft blue, but are in fact not ‘the real thing’. Both in Delft en Gouda are some smaller ateliers were you can learn to paint ceramics in Delft blue. Curious what you will make, good luck!

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