Blotevoeten Podium

Als ik op mijn blote voeten loop dan voel ik mijn bloemen

A mini-stage for perfomances was made together with grafic artist Ondine de Kroon and 26 children from the surrounding community {Rotterdam Delfshaven}

In the middle of the city rumble on a small green island in between four streets lays ‘De tuin van Claes’ a community garden made by neighbours. Started as querilla gardening it became an official part of the community.

Ondine works mainly with linoleum prints. Each child made a cutout from linoleum. We made from each a stepping stone, the cutout formed the reliëf on each stepping stone. Here are some pictures of the ‘making of’. The stepping stone with the different colors/ Dahlia is a try-out to see how and if my moulding would work

During the workshops one little girl listened to my explanation of the process and replied: So it’s like you can feel your flowers with your bare feet {she made a cutout with flowers}. We decided to put this statement [in Dutch} on the side of the mini stage.

Let me know your thoughts about this:

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