Who’s that lady?

I am a designer of {home} products,  I’d like to call myself a creator. Already from the moment I was a small kid, I loved to create, later it turned into dreaming about being a designer. Finally I went to the Designacademy and studied in Praque at UMPRUM

For 17 years I was a business-coach for creatives with my company ‘de OndernemersWerkplaats‘. I worked with creatives and taking them with me in the process of doing business in a successful way. Although I loved doing this I missed being a designer myself and started designing again

Today I am particularly happy to be the mother of two sons and to work as a designer again. Nothing big, nothing great: just to be, to create and to connect. I hope today when you read this we can connect, find me on Facebook, LinkedIn or meet me in real live by sending me an email, postcard (I love it!) or pay me a visit

Let me know your thoughts about this:

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