How to order?

Finally it’s here! How to order my ‘3 Sweet {little} Kisses’ – ‘3 Zoete kusjes’:

After a long search through all kind of webpages I concluded a web-shop is not working for me. My dream is not being a web-shop-owner but to be a designer. But…there is one exception:

Driekleur / Red White and Blue ribbon 5,95 euro incl. 21% BTW
Oranje boven! – Orange ribbon 5,95 euro incl. 21% BTW
Appeltjes van Oranje – Green ribbon 5,95 euro incl. 21% BTW

You can order my Dutch custom in a box ‘3 Sweet {little} kisses’ of ‘3 Zoete kusjes’ by email. Each box costs 5,95 euro incl. 21% BTW. Excluded is postage/ shipment (see information all the way down this page). Just fill in the form below. After receiving your email I send you as quick as possible (I promise) all information about how you can pay. As soon as your payment is arrived I sent you the box(es) you ordered. All product-information you can find here.

Bestelling binnen NL:

  • Bij bestelling van 1 of 2 doosjes in NL kan ik het versturen als ‘brievenbuspakje’ a 4,10 euro
  • Bij 3 tot 10 doosjes in NL wordt het sowieso een pakket a 7,95 euro
  • Bij bestelling van meer dan 10 binnen NL neem contact op.

International and EU orders:

  • 1 to 10 boxes Sending within EU 11 euro , Anywhere in the World 16 euro (insurance max. 50 euro)
  • Do you want more then 10? Please send me an email through contact me and we will look together what’s the best way to send it to you

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