3 zoete kusjes…3 Sweet {little} kisses

Can you recall that awkward moment, when greeting someone and by the third kiss they flinch? Then you’re probably Dutch and the one you were greeting isn’t…

Table brothers

Enjoy the flexibility of form and use in table brothers. In 2012 the design was one out of ten nominees for the ‘Noordelijke Ontwerpprijs’

Turkish delight?

Inspired by the Turkish ritual by pouring tea from up high. I experimented with the nozzle and created several coffeepots

Table Simson…

Inspired by the muscle man Samson (in Dutch Simson) with three themes in his live: God, Muscles and Women

Watering can or coffeepot?

Inspired by ancient Arabic writings on ceramics this coffeepot looks raw like a watering can. But painted and finished  it refers to an arabic coffee ritual.